Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

There are thousands of great kitchen remodeling ideas out there but most of the ideas you will find don’t always give you the important things to think about BEFORE you do a kitchen renovation.  Below is a short list of just some of the things you need to consider to ensure you get the kitchen you want, and the one that fits best in your life.  For more of the best kitchen renovations ideas visit MR Kitchen on Facebook.

Always think carefully about how you use your kitchen and store things you use near where you use them.

Make sure your kitchen walkways are wide with enough room for working or sitting and people passing by.

Consider things like people reaching into the fridge for someone while others are cooking or cleaning, if the fridge is in a crowded space this can create an annoying issue.

If you decide to have a kitchen island, and space permits, make sure there is enough space and that it is well placed for whatever use you intend it for such as cooking and eating.

Do you have a cook in the family?  If so, counter space will be very important, especially between the stove and sink.

Today recycling is very important, take the time to plan space for the recycling and garbage containers you need.

Plugs have become important in all parts of our lives so make sure you have plenty, you can even install wiring for cable and usb power hubs for electronic devices that might be the source of your recipes.

Try to keep the look of your kitchen interesting by breaking up the cabinets with open shelving, glass doors or even built in wine storage racks.

If you want to add color to your kitchen don’t do too much.  Stay away from the tendency to mix a splashy back splash with a heavily patterned countertop.  Choose one colorful item you like most and add some other color coordinated accents.

For some great looks watch the video below!


Importance Of Garage Door Insulation

Taking care of your commercial garage doors Guelph.

The reason why your garage looks like the most inefficient room in the house and sometimes it even looks separated from your house is the negligence you give your garage by letting draughts in and allowing heat to escape which is not good especially in the winter. Are there issues with your overhead doors Guelph and losing heat?

But you have nothing to worry about, since there are lots of ways on how to prepare your garage for the winter and at the same time make your energy bills better.

#1 The ceiling and walls

You don’t have to spend lots of dollars for the insulation of your garage. Just invest in suitable u-value insulating material and call a professional to have it properly installed by lining the walls and the rafters with suitable bubble foil insulation. This is worth your money and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

#2 Seal the gaps

Ensure that the gaps around the floor, windows, and doorframes are properly sealed by using builders’ caulk which would create airtight, weather, and water proof barriers. It provides perfect thermal insulation, and it’s affordable and easy to apply. Choose a silicone or latex based caulk to make sure it would stop water from penetrating and for it to be ready for the winter.

#3 The garage door

You could replace your garage door with a more modern, ready insulated one – but in the meantime look into insulation kits or invest in some bubble foil roll or foam board and attach it to the inside to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer!

Your garage door is probably the main reason why you lose most heat. A single layer of steel or aluminum allows heat and cold to enter from the outside. Consider insulating it to keep the environment clean. You could replace your garage door with a more modern, ready and insulated one and as an alternative, you can look into insulation kits or invest in some bubble foil roll or foam board and attach it inside.

#4 Weather-stripping

To avoid cold air from getting in, most new garage doors have weather-strips around the perimeter. If yours doesn’t have them yet, it is affordable and easy to attach. To make sure there’s no gap for the heat to escape put weather-strips around internal doors. If you’re not sure you need them, try turning on the lights in the garage door and shut the door, you can notice the gap once the light shines through the edges, which means you should look into weather strips.

#5 Door seals

Bottom seal in your garage door prevents water and debris from getting in, but it wears out as time goes by, resulting in ineffectiveness. You can notice just by taking a closer look at your garage door’s bottom seal. If you think it needs replacement call a professional or fix it yourself.

If you think your garage door needs repairing before installing insulation, try calling a professional to give you a quote for the possible cost and repair.  Investing for insulation will make you save a penny since it’ll decrease your energy bills, will protect you from any weather and will enhance the visual appeal of your property.

Choosing a Kitchen Remodeler?

Trying to decide how to go about your kitchen renovations Ottawa?

There are many things to look at before finding the perfect kitchen contractor for your remodel, but even if there’s a lot to think about, it doesn’t mean the task has to be stressful. For your kitchen cabinets Ottawa make sure to do your research.

If you have friends, relatives, or even neighbors that have recently done their kitchen, asking them who they recommend is always a good idea.  Referrals will help you find contractors that you can trust because you know that your friends and family have used and enjoyed their services.

After you get referrals from trusted people you know, it’s always good to look into the people who were recommended, if it’s through a phone call or even looking at the remodeler’s website. Make sure to find out if the contractor has all the licenses that the state and municipals require. It’s also good to see if the contractor has any designations from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, or the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Any good contractor who’s professional should have passed tests in order to earn their certification. Please remember that not all certifications are equal.

Now if you have a list of possible contractors you want to use, it’s important to set up interviews or meetings with them. Make sure to ask the contractors good questions. A good list of questions to ask are on the National Association Remodeling Industry’s website. It’s good to find a contractor that will listen to you as a homeowner.

Since this is a longstanding relationship, it’s key that you have chemistry with you contractor and really trust the person you’ve chosen. Another good idea to do with your selected contractor is to ask for previous projects as well as request different references so you could call them to verify and see their personal experiences with the contractor.

Once you find someone good enough for the contractor, make sure to review the documents and contract of the remodeling. Does it seem balanced and fair? Is it professional? Make sure the contract includes payment, correct price, schedule of the construction, a change-order clause, a type of warranty and a clause about disputes. If everything checks out, you’ll be able to sign off and sign your contract to begin your remodel of your kitchen!

Paint yourself or call a painting contractor?

Well like anything else these decisions depend on budget and time. A painting contractor ottawa might seem expensive but good painters in Ottawa will be sure to do good prep work, clean up their area, and ensure that you are happy with their work. If you decide to do the job yourself, here are some tips.

What type of garage door opener do you need?

What is best for your garage doors?

Consider several factors to choose for the right garage door opener for your home including power, quiet operation, safety and security.

Steps to choosing the right door.

  1. Consider power.  Your new garage door must have a garage door opener that can handle the height and weight. A 1/2- HP (horsepower) motors garage door opener are capable of handling most residential garage doors.
  2. Consider quiet operation. A quiet garage door opener may be important for garages adjacent to bedrooms or living areas. Dependable garage door openers, quiet operation is one to look for.
  3. Evaluate types of drive. Type of operating mechanism or drive that’s used to open the garage door should depend mostly on quiet operations. Belt drives, direct drives, screw drives and chain drives are the four types of drives.

Belt Drives

To open and close garage doors a sturdy belt drive uses a rubber-like belt (similar to a car’s fan belt). They are one of the quieter types of drives. Belt drives offer years of service – The best quality steel-belted tires have lifetime belt warranty are often constructed. ( Some belts need replacement since they wear out.)

Direct Drives

Though relatively new to the US, Direct drives have been available for around 30 years in Europe. A moving motor that drives itself along a stationary chain are its features. On retail reviews these openers may be quieter than belt drives consumer reporting with very quiet. They are very reliable and low maintenance, moving parts of available products has the smallest number. A lifetime warranty is offered in these self-drive openers due to small number of moving parts including circuit board, motor, chain and rail.

Screw Drives

To lift and close garage doors, screw drives use a long sturdy metal rod threaded like a screw. Maintenance or repairs are needed for few moving parts. Quieter chain drives are typically noisier than screw drives.

Chain Drives

To open and close garage doors, chain drives use a metal chain similar to a bicycle chain. Belt or screw drive openers are less expensive than chain drives. Chain drives are the most frequent purchased garage door opener type. Belt drives, direct drives or screw drives are louder than chain drives. As chains get older, the looser they become. This can require replacement and maintenance

When do you need an Electrician?

Do you know the basics of your home electrical system? Do you know when it’s time to call an electrical contractor such as HECS and what you can do yourself? Properly trained electricians, such as the ones working for Higgins Electrical Contracting are trained and insured, don’t take chances, get to know the basics!

An Electricians Tools

As with any career path, when you decide to become an electrician you are responsible for obtaining the tools that you’ll need to do the work. Becoming an electrician isn’t something simple that can be done in a day, but you still need a proper tool bag so that you’re ready for the hands-on learning that your apprenticeship will provide you with. That’s right, hands-on learning. All aspiring electrical contractors goes through a course that is a combination of classroom lessons and training that happens at a worksite.

How To Decide What To Carry

There are a lot of things that you might have to do, so you want to make sure that you have a thorough selection of tools. You don’t want to end up needing something that you don’t have. Still, you don’t want to be too overzealous. One of the biggest rookie mistakes is buying all of the top of the line materials and ending up with a tool bag that’s worth more than you can imagine. Your tools just need to work, they don’t need to be the most expensive ones on the market.

More Tool Kit Tips

Leaving tools behind is a common mistake, and even professionals are guilty of it. Always make sure that you know where your tools are, even if you’ve lent them out to someone else. Make sure that you have everything before you leave a work site. A good way to do this is to utilize your tool belt. It’s an easy way to organize your tools so that they’re easier to find while you’re at work, and easy to inventory before you leave. Try to find one that has at least three pockets, but those who require more tools should get bigger belts with more pockets.